What should I pay attention to when vaccinating the new crown vaccine?

Q: What should I pay attention to when vaccinating the new crown vaccine?
Answer: Precautions before vaccination: If the vaccinator has symptoms such as cold, fever, diarrhea (>3 times a day) or other discomforts in the past week, the vaccination should be postponed until the symptoms are cured. For liver, kidney and other diseases, the doctor must be informed, and the doctor will give appropriate vaccination advice after scientific evaluation; if the vaccinator has had high fever, convulsions, urticaria and other reactions after the previous vaccination, please tell the doctor; Before vaccination, people should read the vaccination notice carefully, understand the vaccines that need to be vaccinated this time and the targeted diseases, and faithfully cooperate with the vaccination unit’s doctor’s notifications, health inquiries and inspections; keep the skin of the vaccination site clean, and it’s best to put on a soft, soft skin before vaccination. Loose clothes; 24 hours before vaccination, avoid strenuous exercise, fatigue, and alcoholism. It is recommended to eat lightly, rest well, and keep the body in good condition.
Precautions after vaccination: After vaccination, stay in the observation area of ​​the vaccination unit for 30 minutes. On the day of vaccination, avoid water in the injection site and keep the injection site clean and hygienic to prevent skin infections. Three days after vaccination, you should rest more, drink plenty of water, avoid strenuous exercise, fatigue, and abstain from alcoholism. After vaccination, if there are reactions such as fever, local redness, swelling and pain, the doctor of the vaccination unit should be notified in time to deal with the symptoms and make relevant records; very few people may develop high fever (>38.5℃) or continue to fever for several days, or local redness and swelling exceeding 2.5 Centimeters or more, or in other more serious cases, you should go to the hospital in time to prevent delays in your condition.

Post time: Apr-08-2021
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