PHOTOS: New Mickey and Minnie Retro Cherry Kitchen Housewares Collection Debuts at Disney World

The latest Disney kitchen collection is full of retro-goodness, featuring Minnie and Mickey in front of a backdrop of cherries and flowers. The vibrant reds and greens make the collection truly eye-catching. For now, you can only find the collection at the Riverside Depot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

So much to choose from! The theming makes us want to head over to Disney Springs for a Cherry Jubilee crepe. But first, let’s see what this new kitchen collection entails.

Hmm, maybe we won’t do too much cooking in this, after all. We’ll just put this on for the photos and let our friends do the baking to keep it looking immaculate.

You bakers out there have a fun new way to display your latest culinary perfections. This cake stand features a retro image of Minnie serving up a freshly baked cherry pie.

The first dish towel in the set features Minnie and Mickey sharing a treat — with a cherry on top — at an ice cream parlor.

The second towel features cherries only, in case you want to tone down the Disney. But, where’s the fun in that?

Jazz up your fridge with this magnetic notepad, which includes lined paper for writing your grocery list. You definitely won’t forget to pick up the cherries!

It’s always nice to include a thoughtful note when gifting sweet treats to friends and family. Minnie is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives your gift.

There seems to be some disagreement between the couple over if the secret ingredient is magic or love. We’ll let you decide.

Finally ready to start organizing your recipes? Here’s a product that will make the task more fun. This recipe tin includes notecards for documenting all your favorite recipes.

Get those cookies in shape with this beautiful rolling pin that could also double as a piece of kitchen decor.

These Mickey storage containers will make a statement on your kitchen countertop while keeping your sugar, coffee or flour fresh.

The ultimate retro item in this collection is the storage container set. These look like a nice gift for the Disney fan just getting started in their new home.

The final item in the collection is a set of paper straws. Jazz up a cocktail with one of these fun additions.

Will you cherry-pick your favorite items in the collection? Or, do you have your eyes set on a cherry-themed kitchen overhaul? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

At Walt Disney World, you can catch Elise perusing the Minnie Mouse ear selection or drinking a lapu lapu at the Poly. She has a lifelong fascination with all modes of Disney transport and is looking forward to trying her luck as a Disney bus driver when she retires in 2050.

I LOVE retro cherries. I have a tattoo in honor of my family that features retro-style cherries! I need this kitchen ware even though I don’t cook or bake!

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Post time: Dec-29-2019
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