Epidemic in China

Just provide you with one message that these days south of China have closed many cities because of Epidemic, including many textiles factories. All logistics companies have stopped to send all goods too.

If you still have this car care products and towel order, pls kindly feel free to consider us.

1: We are in north of China, have no any affect now. We can send you this goods within 25-30days for one 40HQ customized products.

2: We have weaving machine and can control this raw material content, have a better water-absorption function.

3: If you need small quantity goods, we also have hot selling list for car care products and can send you within 2-3days time .

4: Now this raw material is very tight, the price increase all the time, but we do not increase because we have many stock raw materials for our customers.

Post time: Apr-24-2022
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